Mr Nomura, judo expert

nennga0971mr tadahiro Nomura won a gold medal of Judo class 60 kilos at Atlanta Olympics.But his article for gold medal was less than 1/4  large as Ms Tani who won a silver metal in women’s 48 kilos.I was shocked as they did not treat him as champion.Needless to say he became a goldmedalist three times in three concesutive  Olympic Games, isn’t it great!

Who is more selfish,Ishikawa or Fukui?

According to the newspaper, above two prefectures are In battle for deers.In ishikawa prefecture 2800deers live whereas in Fukui 35,000 lives. Ishikwa plans to make a fence of  24kms long to prevent Fukui deers to come into Ishikawa  and  give damage to  vegetables. Knowing Ishikawa’s plan Fikui was furious. Fukui said deers who can not enter Ishikawa remain before the fence and eat vegetables and bring such damage to Fukui.

This is about what is going on. Who do you think is more selfish.

Its nothing  but laughing matter, I thi nk.


Sumi’s MimiMini Exhibition

Hello! Sumi again. I am going to hold MiniMini  exhibition at Kutsukake terrace,nakakaruizawa. One thing new this time is I tried to make black and white prints out of my face enlarged postcard siza to A4. Looks different and hope you will enjoy them.

Free post cards are on the shelf of information corner toward library.

Place:Kutsukake Terrace within Nakakaruizawa Station Premises.

Open: 24 hours (stations opening hours) 1st August to 31st August 2015



Thank you!!





Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉

Onsen, that’s everybody loves both foreigners and Japanese.When they learn Onsen and pronounce Onsen they may be nearer to Japanese culture.Here is Onsen, Kusatsu is one of three Onsen in Japan.Right in centre of the town hot water spurs and you will be surprised with its amount.

Pity I missmed several shots including Ryokan-Japanese style hotel. We spent a couple of hours in the centre of the town and then from Kusatsu station hotel’s shuttle bus sent us to the hotel.Where I stayed called TOKINONIWA-季の庭 was the most favourite hotel for the year in Kusatsu.Before I knew that this hotel is favoured,I could see that their way of OMOTENASHI – hospitality differs from other we stayed.They do not select guests but they seemed to know what will please guests.This is very important point. Many hotels think they offer luxurious rooms, amenities and … They knew how guests can relux and enjoy. It’s including small surprises!!This is extremely distinguishable of this hotel management.

imageMoss in the garden

imagePart of the garden.ROOM:On entering guest room area which is divided by sliding dorrs we can select Yukata-cotton kimono & Obi-wide belt and even pillows.Each room provides Samue-room wear which mostly priests wear and Dotera-kimono style gown.Our room consists of 1 living room(tatami), 1 bed room (tatami & matress),tiny garden leads to open air bath. TV is hidden behind small rood/paper made sliding doors.BATH: They say there are 23 different baths.BeforeI go to the bath my daughter who already finished taking a bath advised that there are free ice candies.So good! Here are their OMOTENASHI(hospitality) : ice some Japanese/Chinese refreshment such as Niramannjuuニラ饅頭,Nikumann肉まん and Misodennraku.味噌田楽。This start17:30 to 18:30pm.First dinner start at 17.50 we missed them. Next time! Then 3.surprisingly at 10 o’clock they offer Ramen, of course free ramen.We like Ramen and now its popularity is becoming worldwide.You can eat as many ramens as you like between 10:00 to 11:30 pm. In Japan there are many who finish drinking alcohol with having ramen. After alcohol ramen taste so good. When they offer ramen at 10:00 pm menas that people can happily go to bed.I was really impressed and more impressed when I see guests enjoy eating ramen.Wakuwaku Dokidoki  Now MEALS: Dining room is divided by partition like private room so we do not have to see others.This is very good to keep privacy.

image      This is starters

.imageCup of soup.It is season of wisteria, in Gumma and Nagano area you will see lots of wild wisteria.imageSashimiimageEggplant etc

imageMain dish of beef steak.You can select as you like among 4 menuimageRolled cabbage,quite soft and tasty.Of course there was desset but I did not take photoimageBreakfast for startimageBits of bits

imagePlain omelet, you can also select among menu

All of us really enjoyed and we will be back again in the near future! Recommendable hotel for foreigners as well.


Lake New Town レイクニュータウン

Lake new town modeled lakes in Switzerland.Along the lake there used to be a department store and swan shape boats on the lake but now all renovated matching to the landscape.Once you enter the gate it is Swiss village.

image Houses in sober colour.

Lakes in rain     imageimage Backside of the

sober houses facing the lake.

imageIt was 18th April I visited the garden and they have just finished transplant roses.Very well arranged and I could imagine these roses at their best in June.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageDaffodilsimageLotus roots in water.

imageShops far end of the lake which really made me feel I am in Switzerland.image Wooden bridge looks a bit slipperly but protectedimageLow headges.imageimageView just entered the gate.I went to Lakenewtown again in May and found roses have grown so much.I will be there again in June to enjoy roses.I will report you again.



Best Cherry Blossoms of this year ベスト桜花賞

image A few days ago I heard that cherry blossoms just started to bloom in Kushiro, Hokkaido. Kushiro is located very north so you can imagine that most cherry blossoms are gone by this time in Japan. However, there were drooping cherry blossoms in Karuizawa, Nagano pref and five of them are drooping their branches to the ground. They reminded me of some kind of dog.

image You can see a few trees behind.

image If I went there a week before they surely look more beautiful.

In this space there are variety of cherry trees and therefore you can enjoy them for quite some time.This is a spot I found in Karuizawa. Even during Golden week there were noone there.


image Dandelions’ yellow are matching to..


My sincerest condolences お悔やみ申し上げます

I quite often think these days that we face risk where we go.Then, where we should go, go within where you can take your own risk.Of course, if you are in the airplane,you leave your life to pilot.When I went to London often I even remembered pilots’ name and techniques for taking off and landing on.Yet, you still leave your life to pilot.

What surprised me most at this earthquake Himaraya there were about 1000 people at the base camp of 5300 metres above sea level.At first I thought my hearing deteriorated to hear 1000. 100 was acceptable figure to me.

If 1000 people stay there, accordingly the surroundings are polluted.Mountains do not like themselves to be polluted, they like to or we should show respect mountains as sacred places. Now in Japan the limit of existence of village is social matter.Sooner or later these villages will disappear.And 1000 is population of these 3-4 villages I do not know what I am writing, even I should write or not, sorry.

Lastly I would like to express my sincerest condolences.

Exhibit a Buddhist image ご開帳

To celebrating Zenkouji temple’s  Gokaichou(exhibit a Budhist image):Nagano station decorating several lanterns to show respect.

:*About Zenkouji temple please refer my blog 「Zenkouji temple & night view at Obasute 25 Sept,’14」

imageIt is a bit of long way to walk to Zenkouji temple although many do walk and short to take a bus to the temple. So normally I walk on my way back to the Nagano station.

image image I took earliest possible train to Nagano station and I arrived in the queue around 10:15 am. Knowing lots of people visiting the temple and means of transportation except walk is bus but they seemed they have not arranged anything at all beforehand.They call a bus for emergency after they saw a long long queue and let us wait so long.

However,I was so fascinated and appreciated I was able to come and finally touch the sacred pole which is linked to the image inside. After you can go inside to see but I did not go. I was happy to touch and felt so much  happiness.

image This is a pole linked to the image. I did not wish anything, I did not have anything to pray. I just recited a sutra in every direction touching my right or both hands to the pole. I was really satisfied I could do so and after even if I did not go to the Main building behind I was filled with power given and filled with happiness.

image This is the garden of a brewery. As I do not drink alcohol I just went to the garden and asked someone to take photo of me, Sumi.Cherry blossoms indeed always make us happy. It is not only cherry blossom is Japan’s country flower but they bloom quickly and fall qyucjky.

image This is a square which a couple of years ago they renovated Japanese old black warehouses. They are called OPEN.It is in GONDOU arcade Nearer to the Zenkouji temple there is similar square called patio which is well known but this OPEN square is new and now known yet. I asked about this place to those who distributed fliers of Zenkouji temple and the town around, at first they puzzled and said what I want is maybe that etc. But to me it is interesting squiare.

image  This is a restaurant in the square where I had coffee.I would have had lunch if I had accompany with. It is specious and coffee tasted good! I will come back for lunch with someone in the near future.