New Years Family 正月だけの家族


From 31st December to 2nd January three of my friends stay with us.It is almost 10 years we started to gather.Not only myself but they also are confident we are New Years Family.One of them sent me a thanking mail saying that we talk as we like, we drink and eat as much as we like and do whatever we like. The picture shows new years delicacies I made.Sashimi(raw fish) Hanamame beans,Kuromame beans, sushi, kinpira,marinated saury,herring roe,Japanese omelet, thai stle vegetables, plus sake and champaine.We start small fest on new years eve.At twelve midnight we exchange new years greeting-Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu.

The following nenu is fixed during new years days. On 1st of January we have Zouni, soup with rice cake.Zouni differes depnding upon the area.I am from Hokkaido, northern island.My husband is from Hiroshima and styles differ.In Hokkaido we add chicken and various vegetables to soup whereas my husbnad’s family zouni is simple with clams.I was grown up in lots of ingredients Zouni but after marriage I take Hiroshima style. These clams called Hamaguri is fortunate shell fish. Talking of Hiroshima,Hiroshima is famous for its Okonomiyaki-a kind of Japanese pizza.Later I will write my favourite Okonomiyaki shop in Hiroshima.Oh I forgot to tell that dinner on 1st January is Okonomiyaki.My husband shef serves them his special version.

I also bake a cake, same every year, gateau au chocolat.This will be served between meals and coffee is served by my husband.2nd of January breakfast is ordinary one with coffee/tea, English bread, cheese, green salad, broccoli.Except cheese all are home made. Sorry no picture. May be I can add later on.I’d like introduce this special cheese later.In the afternoon we have Oshiruko-sweet azuki bean paste woup with rice cake.After Oshiruko we send my friends to station. I’d like to add that we go to area’s shrine for New years worship.





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