About Mr Trump  トランプ氏

Before I go any further let me tell that I am not Mr Trump’s fanatic supporter. It is beyond my understanding why American people say so badly about him.

When Presidential election started a young American lady living in Japan was asked how she thought of Mr Trump to be President. She said she won’t return home.Watching that interview I looked for any article telling his policy for being candidate.Having read his policy as candidate my impression was normal, nothing seemed eccentric.

I think his undesirable rude words are just to attract people’s attention ( I do not think them all acceptable).A few days ago a Harvard graduate American comedian here in Japan said on TV.that he would exile. Are you serious?to where to exile?The day may come when Mr Trump becomes President. He is nearer to President than before.Watching Presidential campaign It has been ‘only if Mr Trump becomes President’ but things seem have changed and now’when Mr Trump becomes President’.Possibility between only if and when differ.

He only speaks out on behalf of the others, for those who hesitate to say what they are thinking.

He himself said he would be a good President.(I heard him say so on TV)

He can keep his hands clean. As he is rich as possessing one airplane and three helicopters he does not have to rely on the others financially.

Lastly, according to fortunetelling for Mr Trump it is extremely lucky year that he might receive something honorable. I do not know this means President or not. When Mr Obama became President I watched inauguration ceremony all night.Whoever becomes next President I think I will watch the ceremony.


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