Starbucks card スタバカード

This is Hokkaido limited edition card.

nennga0837I was asked to get a Starbucks Card in Hokkaido.Starbucks cards are now sold in several prefecture as area limited edition. So one must go to Hokkaido to buy one.We see Starbucks here and there, if I am not exaggerating we see them at every corner. But in Hakodate there are only two Starbucks, one at Nishihatoba(West harbour) and the other in the suburbs. They open shops according to the population I think, hearing the news that in Tottori prefecture they open their first shop recently.


Beauty of our garden!!

image   Boss maple among 5 maple trees.  30-40 years old?            Iimage I hope you will enjoy beautiy of our garden!.

image                                    imageAll in our garden.

imageI like our house is called a house of maples.


imageLadder from veranda to garden.


imageimageMore beauties

image  Near entrance garage.image

Beautiful maples here and there.

image Again, near the entrance. imageLet me introduce my favourite spot for this season.Perfect view from Karuizawa Oohashi(bridge).  image

imageSo good to see.