Thank you and Arigatou!

DSC00539My exhibition held at Bunkamura Wall Gallery was over. Thank you for everyone who came to my exhibition and who saw my drawings (faces) while waiting for their wives out of ladies or just before the play start came to see them and chatted with me, I really appreciated everyone.This time particularly old friends with who I have lost contact for a long time visited me.That was surprise but since it is not only one old friend who came to see me I understand it may be a beginning of our new relationship.Someone gave me opportunities to warm up old friendship and suggested me a new direction for me to go with them. Indeed holding exhibition means to offer a place for people to gather, that’s other role of exhibition, I think. See you again!!



DSC00524Bunkamura Wall Gallery

Before I actually display my pictures I visualise the completed display and most time my imagination and finish are as I imaged but there are cases they are different and I had to reduce numbers or add more. However, this time two persons in charge are so helpful and I am quite pleased with display. Thank you.

Preparation for exhibition

DSC00517Soon on Monday my small exhibition is to be held. It’s first exhibition after 3.11.My last exhibition at this place was January, 2011 and after 3.11, like many other artists, writers, musicians etc I did not find any meaning of what I was doing. I became nervous breakdown and for a few months I was like a patient in a cage always frightening something.Whenever I hold exhibition in order to select I lay my works on the living room floor as picture shows.Normally it does not take much to decide but sometimes after decision I may have some other imagination or two do not like to be displayed next to each other and so on.There are many things to consider after first decision. I am going to display 15 works this time and it took 4 days to complete. If you come and see them they will be extremely pleased!!!