Castletown Komoro Festival

They held a Joukamachi (castletown) Festival in Komoro 19-23 this months
This is Komoro station.In June many swallows come to the nests under the roof.


imageimageComing out of Komoro station you turn left and you will find Honjin building where some exhibitions are held.One of them was exhibition of kimono made of old cloths.At the entrance they arrange wild flowers in the area.What most impressed me was that Ms Nakazawa collected old cloths and made them into Furisode(long sleeved kimono) and she said it took 15 years to do so.

imageimageMs Nakazawa.Please enjoy her


beautiful kimono and obi (belt) all in different style.



imageimageAfter kimono I visited Sake brewer and bought a Sobachoko.Sobachoko is dip container for soba.(japanese typical noodle and Nagano prefecture is well known for good soba).This is Sobachoko I bought.Surprisingly he is from Karuizawa and a sort of sake connaissurer.Loving sake and choko (for sake) he now opened a shop in Karuizawa. Interesting!Regret I don’t drink alcohol.


imageYoung people exhibit their works and run cafe.

imageWhen I was looking at the map thinking where to go next I was spoken to see the old house open only for the day.The house was built in Edo era(17-18 century).I was interested in the skylight and it was installed in Edo era did they possibly get glasses? As I wondered skylight was installed later and they became popular in the area.There were houses of three stories and these houses have tower like skylight to reach the roof of three storied house.

imageThis is Soba restaurant built also in Edo period.

I finished my day trip by having Unagi kabayaki don(eel). to Japanese








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