Candle Spin by Sumo wrestler

Today is the last day of Sumo.Usually I am not so keen on Sumo but this time is different.One of the most popular wrestlers Endo’s stable is near from where I live. He was Univ champion and as he so quickly has gone up the steps his hair is not long enough to arrange him as that of Sumo wrestlers formal hair style.Sumo matches are interesting of course but I’m more interested in ceremonial processes to matches.Every rikishi(wrestlers) has more or less habit before match.You will see them when you observe 15 days.What I particularly recommend is Endo’s Shiko (leg stomps).You can see his right and left legs are almost straight, that means he put his leg so high and straight.I call this “Candle Spin”.If you remember a Russian figure skater at Sochi made a spin straight like candle. I love to watch this candle spin.