Exhibition at a cafe in Karuizawa (軽井沢のカフェで展示)

6~19 October I am going to exhibit a few of my works at a cafe, Ray coffee house in Karuizawa.It is very quiet and comfortable cafe. I hope you enjoy my pictures over drinking coffee.

Ray coffee house 2141-431 Nagakura,Karuizawacho,Nagano prefecture tel 0267315031 Open 11:00~18:00 closed on Thursdays

Route18 at Uenohara you turn into Royal Prince St and you will find Ray coffee house on your right.


Sumi’s MimiMini Exhibition

Hello! Sumi again. I am going to hold MiniMini  exhibition at Kutsukake terrace,nakakaruizawa. One thing new this time is I tried to make black and white prints out of my face enlarged postcard siza to A4. Looks different and hope you will enjoy them.

Free post cards are on the shelf of information corner toward library.

Place:Kutsukake Terrace within Nakakaruizawa Station Premises.

Open: 24 hours (stations opening hours) 1st August to 31st August 2015



Thank you!!





Thank you!!!

My faces exhibition at kutsukake Terrace is over. Thank you everyone for coming to see them. Sumi will be more actively working on faces,so please be with me! Free postcard are available at Kutsukake Terrace 2F library entrance or supermarket Tsuruya.

Kutsukake Terrace Exhibition


DSC00419DSC00418Kutsukake Terrace

Following the exhibition at Bunkamura, Shibuya I now display two large frames containing 3 face drawings and 2 other faces.This is the third time that I display pictures at Kutsukake Terrace and you will find  a little bit dynamic display this time. I hope you enjoy them! Some post cards are available on the 2F library entrance shelf.Also available at Supermarket Tsuruya and Karuizawa station 1F information centre. (If all gone, sorry!)

Time:1June to 30 June from first train to last train when the station is open At Kutsukake Terrace, Nakakaruizawa.


DSC00524Bunkamura Wall Gallery

Before I actually display my pictures I visualise the completed display and most time my imagination and finish are as I imaged but there are cases they are different and I had to reduce numbers or add more. However, this time two persons in charge are so helpful and I am quite pleased with display. Thank you.

Invitation to Sumi’s exhibition

I believe Faces show everything how you live or how you think.Here is invitation to my exhibition!!



Exhibition is to be held:

Date: 19th May (Mon) to 25th May (Sun) 2014
Time: 10:00a.m.~7:30p.m. (last day till 7:00p.m.)
Venue:Bunkamura Wall Gallery, 1FBunkamura Main Lobby Floor,2-24-1 Dogenzaka,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo. http://www.bunkamura.co.jp tel 03 3477 9174

Sumi will be at Wall Gallery from 1:00~ 6:00 p.m.If you want to see Sumi I will be there waiting for you!!
Website http://sumi.arte-japon.com