Cucumber-main diet? きゅうりが主食?

imageCucumbers from garden

What is your main diet? What do you think is main diet of Japanese people?Rice? No. Bread? No.The right answer is cucumber.At present we eat lots of cucumbers from garden.Rather than we love to eat we have to eat.Cucumbers seem to have  taken over the position of main diet, only for a couple of months in summer. I sow seeds twice this year as the first one did not appear soon. And my neighbour said to me if our main diet is cucumber and as my neighbour said we face the reality. Over 100 British size cucumbers we harvested.

pickled cucumbers salad fried with minced meat sweet &sour pork without pork  gratin  That’s all I can think of.


German soccer team ドイツサッカーチーム

imageDirector of German national soccer team

is called Germans Masao Kusakari in Japan. As being said he looks like him maybe so. As being said he does not look like him it is all right.

Just before the World Cup started I bet German national team will be champion. I was very positive ‘cause they seem to have stronger will for winning and also I felt they are united for one purpose than any other team. They were shining bright and my sincere congratulations on their contenious endevour to keep motivation. It was matches between the countries and I thoroughly enjoyed them.
Thank you!!!


*Masao Kusakari, Japanese handsome actor

Ichimatsu-plaid pattern

imagePlaid pattern

I heard 3m x 3m house is most suited for meditation. Japanese tatami room of 4.5 tatami is squire. My second house 1st floor is of black and white plaid pattern and surrounded 8 paper sliding doors(refer picture shown), 4 doors in west another 4 in south. Each door has squiare frames like paid pattern. Japanese culture seems to be based on square.

Fusuma ( different type of sliding dorrs) are also large paid pattern of pale blue and pale beige. You will find plaid patterned kimono in Ukiyoe. Plaid pattern, I think is at any time in favour.

If you know Nagano Shinkansen new trains seats are of plaid pattern.


Rhubarb jam, lovely pink



I found red rhubarb I was looking for quite some time. I found them at Wadajuku which is located at the border of Nagano and Yamanashi pref.Last year I saw red rhubarb on TV and knew where they grow them. I contacted Fujimi machi in Nagano  but they are a bit more expensive. Now, I see red rhubarb in front of me. Incredible thing. I bought some for trial and then bought 4 kilos of them. They look american cherry pink pink and so good to taste!!!

Thank you!!!

My faces exhibition at kutsukake Terrace is over. Thank you everyone for coming to see them. Sumi will be more actively working on faces,so please be with me! Free postcard are available at Kutsukake Terrace 2F library entrance or supermarket Tsuruya.