Lake New Town レイクニュータウン

Lake new town modeled lakes in Switzerland.Along the lake there used to be a department store and swan shape boats on the lake but now all renovated matching to the landscape.Once you enter the gate it is Swiss village.

image Houses in sober colour.

Lakes in rain     imageimage Backside of the

sober houses facing the lake.

imageIt was 18th April I visited the garden and they have just finished transplant roses.Very well arranged and I could imagine these roses at their best in June.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageDaffodilsimageLotus roots in water.

imageShops far end of the lake which really made me feel I am in Switzerland.image Wooden bridge looks a bit slipperly but protectedimageLow headges.imageimageView just entered the gate.I went to Lakenewtown again in May and found roses have grown so much.I will be there again in June to enjoy roses.I will report you again.




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