Takeshi Kitano 北野武


Monsieur Takeshi Kitano, my sincere congratulations for Legion d’honneur.

It is not easy to receive such order just because you have contributed to other countries culture.They now say that we are in borderless society but still it is not all borderless,depends upon area where you are or where you live.I presume Mr Kitano changed consciousness of those who are so called cultured and those who live in areas where they can receive benefits of culture or civilization.Yet if I am asked they really changed their consciousness my answer is no.I do not think they wish to change themselves nor never think of changing themselves by the influence of others. However,in order prove them being one of those cultured or intellectuals it is indispnsable to accept that Takeshi Kitano is as worth as influencing others.Anyway, to receive such order it is honour and proves Takeshi Kitano is super worth.I thank you French people and for those who thought he is worth receiving such order.


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