One who runs after two hares will catch neither.二兎を追うものは一兎をも得ず

Who excel in one genre also excel in other genre.I think this saying is becoming old fashioned or does not apply for us now.I saw many who excel in many fields such as:Mr Akira Kurosawa:Film director.In order to made better or best film and in order to let his family members to understand his intention he draw pictures, picture conte. I could not visit his picture conte exhibition but his are full of power and I would feel Kursawa`s energy. Mr Yuzo Kayama actor, singer song writer and at the age of 79 he still a vocal of his band ventures.His Japanese calligraphy is something very impressive to reflect his good matured character.Mr Junji Takada comedian and actor.His water color is again reflect his character.Lastly Mr Takeshi Kitano comedian, film director ,actor. Needless to say he is worldwide known film director.I saw his exhibitions a couple of times I loved his Japanese calligraphy more than others.

Having written such and such I really thought the world is full of discrimination, in other words from birth to death we have piled discrimination or we cannot live without discriminating as well as competing.What I said ‘One who runs after two hares will catch neither’ is becoming faded.Many successors killed two or more hares with one stone.