Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉

Onsen, that’s everybody loves both foreigners and Japanese.When they learn Onsen and pronounce Onsen they may be nearer to Japanese culture.Here is Onsen, Kusatsu is one of three Onsen in Japan.Right in centre of the town hot water spurs and you will be surprised with its amount.

Pity I missmed several shots including Ryokan-Japanese style hotel. We spent a couple of hours in the centre of the town and then from Kusatsu station hotel’s shuttle bus sent us to the hotel.Where I stayed called TOKINONIWA-季の庭 was the most favourite hotel for the year in Kusatsu.Before I knew that this hotel is favoured,I could see that their way of OMOTENASHI – hospitality differs from other we stayed.They do not select guests but they seemed to know what will please guests.This is very important point. Many hotels think they offer luxurious rooms, amenities and … They knew how guests can relux and enjoy. It’s including small surprises!!This is extremely distinguishable of this hotel management.

imageMoss in the garden

imagePart of the garden.ROOM:On entering guest room area which is divided by sliding dorrs we can select Yukata-cotton kimono & Obi-wide belt and even pillows.Each room provides Samue-room wear which mostly priests wear and Dotera-kimono style gown.Our room consists of 1 living room(tatami), 1 bed room (tatami & matress),tiny garden leads to open air bath. TV is hidden behind small rood/paper made sliding doors.BATH: They say there are 23 different baths.BeforeI go to the bath my daughter who already finished taking a bath advised that there are free ice candies.So good! Here are their OMOTENASHI(hospitality) : 1.free ice candies.2.free some Japanese/Chinese refreshment such as Niramannjuuニラ饅頭,Nikumann肉まん and Misodennraku.味噌田楽。This start17:30 to 18:30pm.First dinner start at 17.50 we missed them. Next time! Then 3.surprisingly at 10 o’clock they offer Ramen, of course free ramen.We like Ramen and now its popularity is becoming worldwide.You can eat as many ramens as you like between 10:00 to 11:30 pm. In Japan there are many who finish drinking alcohol with having ramen. After alcohol ramen taste so good. When they offer ramen at 10:00 pm menas that people can happily go to bed.I was really impressed and more impressed when I see guests enjoy eating ramen.Wakuwaku Dokidoki  Now MEALS: Dining room is divided by partition like private room so we do not have to see others.This is very good to keep privacy.

image      This is starters

.imageCup of soup.It is season of wisteria, in Gumma and Nagano area you will see lots of wild wisteria.imageSashimiimageEggplant etc

imageMain dish of beef steak.You can select as you like among 4 menuimageRolled cabbage,quite soft and tasty.Of course there was desset but I did not take photoimageBreakfast for startimageBits of bits

imagePlain omelet, you can also select among menu

All of us really enjoyed and we will be back again in the near future! Recommendable hotel for foreigners as well.



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