One who runs after two hares will catch neither.二兎を追うものは一兎をも得ず

Who excel in one genre also excel in other genre.I think this saying is becoming old fashioned or does not apply for us now.I saw many who excel in many fields such as:Mr Akira Kurosawa:Film director.In order to made better or best film and in order to let his family members to understand his intention he draw pictures, picture conte. I could not visit his picture conte exhibition but his are full of power and I would feel Kursawa`s energy. Mr Yuzo Kayama actor, singer song writer and at the age of 79 he still a vocal of his band ventures.His Japanese calligraphy is something very impressive to reflect his good matured character.Mr Junji Takada comedian and actor.His water color is again reflect his character.Lastly Mr Takeshi Kitano comedian, film director ,actor. Needless to say he is worldwide known film director.I saw his exhibitions a couple of times I loved his Japanese calligraphy more than others.

Having written such and such I really thought the world is full of discrimination, in other words from birth to death we have piled discrimination or we cannot live without discriminating as well as competing.What I said ‘One who runs after two hares will catch neither’ is becoming faded.Many successors killed two or more hares with one stone.


Sumo Tournament 初場所

Today, Sunday, Sumo Tournament has started. I love Sumo and watch TV. I would like to introduce a very interesting comment on 17th July last year.

Sumo Tournament is divided into the first half and latter half of Makuuchi division and one person(master) makes comments through.That day a referee misjudged in the first half. Being asked for comment on this misjudge the commentator said, “wrestler who lost by misjudgment had good start. ” For the latter half there was another misjudgment by referee. This same commentator asked comment on this misjudgment and said,”wrestler who lost by misjudgment had good start.”This comment surprised me, for both first one and the second one are exactly same. However, what he said might be right as winning percentage more depend on good start.

Takeshi Kitano 北野武


Monsieur Takeshi Kitano, my sincere congratulations for Legion d’honneur.

It is not easy to receive such order just because you have contributed to other countries culture.They now say that we are in borderless society but still it is not all borderless,depends upon area where you are or where you live.I presume Mr Kitano changed consciousness of those who are so called cultured and those who live in areas where they can receive benefits of culture or civilization.Yet if I am asked they really changed their consciousness my answer is no.I do not think they wish to change themselves nor never think of changing themselves by the influence of others. However,in order prove them being one of those cultured or intellectuals it is indispnsable to accept that Takeshi Kitano is as worth as influencing others.Anyway, to receive such order it is honour and proves Takeshi Kitano is super worth.I thank you French people and for those who thought he is worth receiving such order.

About Mr Trump  トランプ氏

Before I go any further let me tell that I am not Mr Trump’s fanatic supporter. It is beyond my understanding why American people say so badly about him.

When Presidential election started a young American lady living in Japan was asked how she thought of Mr Trump to be President. She said she won’t return home.Watching that interview I looked for any article telling his policy for being candidate.Having read his policy as candidate my impression was normal, nothing seemed eccentric.

I think his undesirable rude words are just to attract people’s attention ( I do not think them all acceptable).A few days ago a Harvard graduate American comedian here in Japan said on TV.that he would exile. Are you serious?to where to exile?The day may come when Mr Trump becomes President. He is nearer to President than before.Watching Presidential campaign It has been ‘only if Mr Trump becomes President’ but things seem have changed and now’when Mr Trump becomes President’.Possibility between only if and when differ.

He only speaks out on behalf of the others, for those who hesitate to say what they are thinking.

He himself said he would be a good President.(I heard him say so on TV)

He can keep his hands clean. As he is rich as possessing one airplane and three helicopters he does not have to rely on the others financially.

Lastly, according to fortunetelling for Mr Trump it is extremely lucky year that he might receive something honorable. I do not know this means President or not. When Mr Obama became President I watched inauguration ceremony all night.Whoever becomes next President I think I will watch the ceremony.

New Years Family 正月だけの家族


From 31st December to 2nd January three of my friends stay with us.It is almost 10 years we started to gather.Not only myself but they also are confident we are New Years Family.One of them sent me a thanking mail saying that we talk as we like, we drink and eat as much as we like and do whatever we like. The picture shows new years delicacies I made.Sashimi(raw fish) Hanamame beans,Kuromame beans, sushi, kinpira,marinated saury,herring roe,Japanese omelet, thai stle vegetables, plus sake and champaine.We start small fest on new years eve.At twelve midnight we exchange new years greeting-Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu.

The following nenu is fixed during new years days. On 1st of January we have Zouni, soup with rice cake.Zouni differes depnding upon the area.I am from Hokkaido, northern island.My husband is from Hiroshima and styles differ.In Hokkaido we add chicken and various vegetables to soup whereas my husbnad’s family zouni is simple with clams.I was grown up in lots of ingredients Zouni but after marriage I take Hiroshima style. These clams called Hamaguri is fortunate shell fish. Talking of Hiroshima,Hiroshima is famous for its Okonomiyaki-a kind of Japanese pizza.Later I will write my favourite Okonomiyaki shop in Hiroshima.Oh I forgot to tell that dinner on 1st January is Okonomiyaki.My husband shef serves them his special version.

I also bake a cake, same every year, gateau au chocolat.This will be served between meals and coffee is served by my husband.2nd of January breakfast is ordinary one with coffee/tea, English bread, cheese, green salad, broccoli.Except cheese all are home made. Sorry no picture. May be I can add later on.I’d like introduce this special cheese later.In the afternoon we have Oshiruko-sweet azuki bean paste woup with rice cake.After Oshiruko we send my friends to station. I’d like to add that we go to area’s shrine for New years worship.




A Happy New Year 謹賀新年

コピー ~ nennga1076 A Happy New Year.

Thru last year I was not well and therefore I hope it will be good healthy year for me. I sent message of this year being my year but every year I think my year. I pray for everyone’s health and people,  particularly for people in difficult area.Sumi

Dull feeling-ennui

What I feel recently is that I am lazy.Being asked what makes you feel so I reply everything.By nature I am lazy.I think I am often active on my exhibition or on my blog or on something new I like to start.However,other than the period I am active I mostly sleep to refill energy.I can regain my energy only by sleeping.In order to regain my creative ability I sleep and sleep and become lazy to do anything.Someone who sees only my active side thinks how powerful I am as I call myself “Super Powerful Artist”.But those who know me and my daily life think I am in middle of charging.I do not know but they say that I concentrate on activities so much.As such with my power and spirit I draw pictures and exhibition and that’s all.

But if I can wish a tiny bit of thing it is this:If there could be a communication between viewers and my pictures this is more than sufficient.I do not have any intention to tell anything.If I intend something am I insisting viewers to see my pictures in a way I want them to appreciate.

I simply like drawing.At the time when I finish drawing they are just pictures.If viewers feel somehting from my pictures that’s another thing.Above all, I don’t have anything to tell.Being lazy means…..

Helen Mirren  ヘレンミレン

Helen Mirren, British actress with who I have unforgettable memories.

Some 40 years ago I was working in London and became so much theatre goer or lover.I became a member of Royal Shakespeare Company and saw so many memorable plays and Hedda Gabler and Macbeth are those two.Helen Mirren is known as acting wild and acted wild Lady Macbeth in white dress.I could not forget one scene Lady Macbeth kept washing blooded(illusion) hands repeatedly and madly.

Time flied and I was in London again and excited so much to find her act Lady Macbeth again.As all seats were sold out I made a queue to get that night seat. Among those who were in the queue were related to the theatres.And I was told not to say ‘Macbeth’.If you say curse may be on you! I do not know really that this effected on me I had an accident.

That night It was raining and I was rushing to the theatre.Bus was delayed and could not get any taxi.I waited for both for about half an hour and at last bus came.The shortest way to the theatre is to get off the bus at Waterloo bridge bus stop and descend the stairs. I was in a hurry but on my way I fell down the stairs, jumped 12-13 stairs and stopped at the landing. This happened 30th October in the year of 1999, unforgettable day.

Oh I would like to tell that that wild Helen Mirren changed a Lady. No wonder she is a Dame.

Learning foreign languages

It has been exciting to resume learning foreign languages.I used to listen radio language programs without textbook, I just listened.Each program consists of 15 minutes and it is just like brain exercise to change from one language to another every 15 minutes.One day something has changed in myself and I bought text books for French and Korean languages. Korean for beginners and French for intermediate.I even intended to take intensive course at school.Perhaps I wanted to add French version to my blog so that my friends who know only French can enjoy reading.

But very very unfortunately I had to stop listening to these language programs. I did not realize that if I concentrate on my learning so much my brain would be tired so much, in other words exhausted.

Poor my old brain.  (to Japanese)


Exhibition at a cafe in Karuizawa (軽井沢のカフェで展示)

6~19 October I am going to exhibit a few of my works at a cafe, Ray coffee house in Karuizawa.It is very quiet and comfortable cafe. I hope you enjoy my pictures over drinking coffee.

Ray coffee house 2141-431 Nagakura,Karuizawacho,Nagano prefecture tel 0267315031 Open 11:00~18:00 closed on Thursdays

Route18 at Uenohara you turn into Royal Prince St and you will find Ray coffee house on your right.