Helen Mirren  ヘレンミレン

Helen Mirren, British actress with who I have unforgettable memories.

Some 40 years ago I was working in London and became so much theatre goer or lover.I became a member of Royal Shakespeare Company and saw so many memorable plays and Hedda Gabler and Macbeth are those two.Helen Mirren is known as acting wild and acted wild Lady Macbeth in white dress.I could not forget one scene Lady Macbeth kept washing blooded(illusion) hands repeatedly and madly.

Time flied and I was in London again and excited so much to find her act Lady Macbeth again.As all seats were sold out I made a queue to get that night seat. Among those who were in the queue were related to the theatres.And I was told not to say ‘Macbeth’.If you say curse may be on you! I do not know really that this effected on me I had an accident.

That night It was raining and I was rushing to the theatre.Bus was delayed and could not get any taxi.I waited for both for about half an hour and at last bus came.The shortest way to the theatre is to get off the bus at Waterloo bridge bus stop and descend the stairs. I was in a hurry but on my way I fell down the stairs, jumped 12-13 stairs and stopped at the landing. This happened 30th October in the year of 1999, unforgettable day.

Oh I would like to tell that that wild Helen Mirren changed a Lady. No wonder she is a Dame.


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