Dull feeling-ennui

What I feel recently is that I am lazy.Being asked what makes you feel so I reply everything.By nature I am lazy.I think I am often active on my exhibition or on my blog or on something new I like to start.However,other than the period I am active I mostly sleep to refill energy.I can regain my energy only by sleeping.In order to regain my creative ability I sleep and sleep and become lazy to do anything.Someone who sees only my active side thinks how powerful I am as I call myself “Super Powerful Artist”.But those who know me and my daily life think I am in middle of charging.I do not know but they say that I concentrate on activities so much.As such with my power and spirit I draw pictures and exhibition and that’s all.

But if I can wish a tiny bit of thing it is this:If there could be a communication between viewers and my pictures this is more than sufficient.I do not have any intention to tell anything.If I intend something am I insisting viewers to see my pictures in a way I want them to appreciate.

I simply like drawing.At the time when I finish drawing they are just pictures.If viewers feel somehting from my pictures that’s another thing.Above all, I don’t have anything to tell.Being lazy means…..


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