Zenkoji temple &Night view at Obasute

imageObasute station, a musician plays shakuhachi(bamboo flute).尺八の音が響く。

On Saturday/Sundays in August and September there is tour trains from Nagano to Obasute to have a view of Nagano city. Musician is one of the attractions held to welcome guests. We just took local train to Obasute and enjoyed quiet half an hour.Recommended!

imageNight view from Obaste station platform.On the right side there is terraced rice field and they show where they are by lighling.imageObasute station 姨捨えき

imageWe bought this non alcoholic amazake(fermented rice liquid) to drink at Obasute station but this good idea completely slipped our mind.甘酒

imageMy friend enjoys sake tasting.

imageThis is entrance of the Miso/Liquor shop. This reminds me of typical entrances in Kyoto.おいでやす。

image Shop curtain.

  image You write your wishes on the back of ema (votive picture tablet of a horse) and hang them as they are.絵馬

 imageAfter you read fortune slip you tie as they are.

image   Zenkoji temple again.

     imagePeople gather around the smoke. which they say purify and cure wherever you want.

imagePine tree in the ground of the temple, well cared.

imageZenkoji temple 善光寺

imageHello! This is Sumi, the author of this blog.The temple is dedicated to Amida Buhdda from Korea and when the Zenkoji was built they decided this temple open to anyone, to any religion because Buhdda is brought here from Korea. Inside the main building even if there are many people I felt the place very solemn. I have visited here three times already, still I like to visit there again.

imageA souvenir shop along.

imageHere is my friend taking photo of the gate.imageYou can see my friend again in  the approach to the temple. My friend would like to be in the picture in full but as I was nasty I did not put her all. Telling the truth she is young and beautiful for her age and I am afraid someone might chase her.

imageWhole view of the Sanmon, the gate.

imageSanmon, the gate to the temple. You can climb and enjoy the view there.

imageGallery on its way. I have been to Zenkoji three times but haven’t visited any gallery along the temple.Interesting to see inside!

.imageOld building on its way.It is now used for restaurant. I like to have lunch there one day.

imageOne sunny day my friend I visited Zenkoji temple and night view at Obasute station. From this crossing we are to enter the Zenkoji.結界です。




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