WA-TENUGUI (Tea towel)

nennga0799Japanese tea towel by Takeshi Takahashi.He does print Tenugui by the traditional way of dying, by using the patterns. On a long roll of cotten he prints patterns until the roll ends. Here are the pictures before the rolls are cut to Tenugui size.

Next year is the year of sheep, it is in Chinese astrology and still many shops distribute year’s Tenugui as a small gift for the new year or new year’s campaing etc.

Tenugui, tea towel but there are so many variations to use.For example of course as tea towel, as Hachimaki for matsuri festival, as to protect dirt along neck and cover the heads in order to protect them from dust  when they clean the house with broom or cover the head when coocking.

There are several pictures I’d like to show but I cannot up them as I forgot cord to connect digital camera and computer. So please wait for a while…………………….


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