Exhibit a Buddhist image ご開帳

To celebrating Zenkouji temple’s  Gokaichou(exhibit a Budhist image):Nagano station decorating several lanterns to show respect.

:*About Zenkouji temple please refer my blog 「Zenkouji temple & night view at Obasute 25 Sept,’14」

imageIt is a bit of long way to walk to Zenkouji temple although many do walk and short to take a bus to the temple. So normally I walk on my way back to the Nagano station.

image image I took earliest possible train to Nagano station and I arrived in the queue around 10:15 am. Knowing lots of people visiting the temple and means of transportation except walk is bus but they seemed they have not arranged anything at all beforehand.They call a bus for emergency after they saw a long long queue and let us wait so long.

However,I was so fascinated and appreciated I was able to come and finally touch the sacred pole which is linked to the image inside. After you can go inside to see but I did not go. I was happy to touch and felt so much  happiness.

image This is a pole linked to the image. I did not wish anything, I did not have anything to pray. I just recited a sutra in every direction touching my right or both hands to the pole. I was really satisfied I could do so and after even if I did not go to the Main building behind I was filled with power given and filled with happiness.

image This is the garden of a brewery. As I do not drink alcohol I just went to the garden and asked someone to take photo of me, Sumi.Cherry blossoms indeed always make us happy. It is not only cherry blossom is Japan’s country flower but they bloom quickly and fall qyucjky.

image This is a square which a couple of years ago they renovated Japanese old black warehouses. They are called OPEN.It is in GONDOU arcade Nearer to the Zenkouji temple there is similar square called patio which is well known but this OPEN square is new and now known yet. I asked about this place to those who distributed fliers of Zenkouji temple and the town around, at first they puzzled and said what I want is maybe that etc. But to me it is interesting squiare.

image  This is a restaurant in the square where I had coffee.I would have had lunch if I had accompany with. It is specious and coffee tasted good! I will come back for lunch with someone in the near future.



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