A young man from Burmuda

I met a young man in bullet train to Osaka.He is from Burmuda and here in Japan to see cherry-blossoms.It is a long way to come over here, 2 hours to U.S., 6 hours waiting for transit and another 14 hours flying.Thank you for coming far away.

Just before my departure I heard a news that Zoheikyoku(mint bureau) opens its cherry blossoms tunnel of 700 metres long from 11th this month to public.I guess what he has seen are, say single cherry blossoms but those of Zoheikyoku are double blossoms and nothing but gorgeous. I recommended to go and I am sure he will enjoy them, too.

For lunch he bought Makunouchi bento (lunch box)and made sure what he was eating.He even learned minimum necessary Japanese phrases before his departure.He seemed to enjoy every minutes. I am very much impressed.


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