Electric appliances/subtitle:one after another 家電

Toward the end of last year, floor heating stopped all the sudden.For a couple of days we were without floor heating.It was end November and we let an old oil heater we keep for emergency work.This oil heater works without electricity.This keeps you warm with oild match or lighter, so we keep this in case of all electricity gone.

Repair man came and changed a part.OK, all OK I thought.A week later, floor heating stopped again and  according to an error message on remote control repairman changed two parts.

Having regular visitors during New Year our aircondition which we bought about 20 years ago had to be renewed.It’s not working since summer.I asked a repairman to come and see whether possibilities of repair lies or not.He said he could not find anywhere wrong except sensor.But they do not produce the same type any longer so I did not have any other coice than buying a new one.

We went to a couple of shops and found a shop they could instal one on 30th December. On 31st December, New Years Eve we have visitors and I was afraid that floor heating is out of order again.Anyway on 30th we had a new air conditioner.

It was only a few days ago when a large oil heater at my second house went off. Oh lala nad it was in the evening and not during office hours.The following day a repairman came and his explanation was exactly same as the case of airconditioner. Nothing wrong other than so and so part but this has been discontinued. Well, what should I do.Can you suggest alternative way, oh yes go without and be frozen dead. Exaggerating? No, I believe Japan’s pruducts are highly ranked in quality and will last minimum 30 years. However, despite the fact of good quality they keep parts for 8 to 10 years. incredible, indeed incredible!! …to Japanese




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