I like to learn English

I like to learn English.Not only English I like to learn foreign languages.To learn one language means to learn culture and so on where the language is spoken.To learn one languages means to know one other world. Languages I studied are English, French, Italian and Korean and if i studied well I am supposed to have 4 other worlds.It is regret to say among these foreign language I can only utilize English yet I believe I have 4 different worlds. The reason I studied Italian was that I had difficulty not be able to speak Italian in Italy, but ended my study to find that I can cover the difficulty by using French. About Korean, when I was working in a foreign bank Korea is our business territory to cover. When I rang bak or company they hang up if I do not pronounce properly Korean names. Now study Korean when I feel like doing. I am certain that you will have more opportunity to help or enjoy English!!!


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